Chocohub makes handcrafted Chocolates from the Pure Vegetarian finest Imported ingredients and fillings as we understand that everyone has their own individual taste. That’s why we offer different chocolate assortments for enjoyment! From Dark Chocolate to Caramel to Assortments, with Premium Chocolates for great taste.

Our Range

We offer a wide range of Packaging & Boxes to suit your taste and requirement, from regular Boxes to Gift, ethnic and occasion packaging.

Regular & Assortment Chocolates

Almond Rock Almond Praline
Caramel Choco Krackle
Choco Praline Coffee Caramel
Coffee Centres Fruit n Nuts
Fudge Centres Marzipan
Plain Chocolate Bitter dark
Chocolate Fudge Walnut delight
Truffles Butter Scotch
Pistachio delight Gulkund Centre
Dark Coffee Coffee Light
Other Half (half white & dark) Paan Delight
Naughty Nutty Choco Mint
Choco Strawberry Chocolate Candies
Rocky Cashew Choco Litchi
Earnest Truffle Choco Rasp
Choco Marie Choco Orangee
Choco Modak Paan Center
Bitter Choco Nut Cappuccino
Honey-Chocolate Choco Berry

Sugar- free Premium Chocolates

Plain Chocolate Cinnamon Chocolate
Coffee Dark Chocolate
Truffles Walnut delight
Krispy Crackle Hazel Nut
Rocks Coffee Light
Just Chocolates Halzelnut Praline

Spicy Premium Collections of Chocolates

“ En Fuego” (On Fire) Indian Spice
Bianca Spice ( purest spice) Spicy Treat
Cinnamon Chocolate Honey Spicy
Ginger Crème Spicy Punch

Premium Chocolates

Choco Vermacil Chocolate
Hazel Nut Truffles Hazel Nut Rocks
Nut Macadamia Whole
Macadamia Chips Chocolates Macadamia
Chocolates Carved Designer

Liqueur filled Chocolates (Regular)

Whisky (Scotch ) Liqueur Cocktail
Liqueur Rum n Raisin
Rum Liqueur Brandy Liqueur
Vodka Liqueur Mint Liqueur

Bulk orders taken

We take bulk orders for all kinds of chocolates at very reasonable rates.